Michael Jackson - If You Don't Love Me
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An Unreleased song by Michael Jackson recorded in 1991, “If You Don’t Love Me”


Hi dear, Step Up All In is at $82 million!! Yay! It’s going up!

Thank you honey. Is it $82 million world wide?



Marlon <3

He is one of Michael’s biggest advocates and I admire him for that. He always has something good to say. 

Making fun of Michael Jackson because of the way he looked makes you a really ignorant person. And saying he looked ‘scary’ is just as ignorant. He’s not Freddy Krueger. He’s a normal man: a father, son, brother, uncle, friend, etc. He was beautiful on the inside AND the outside. It’s not like he did things that would make people hate him…He was gracious, kind, and humble to others even with ALL that fame; even when people didn’t DESERVE it. He donated THOUSANDS of dollars to MULTIPLE charities. He visited as many hospitals and orphanages as he did concerts. He formed Heal the World Foundation. He wrote uplifting songs with meaning that urged people to change the world for the better and not just about ‘hot and dirty sex’. Sure he looked different…EVERYONE LOOKS DIFFERENT. MJ just proved you don’t have to follow society’s definition of beautiful to BE beautiful. Before you judge him by the way he LOOKS, do some research. And by research, I don’t mean a tabloid. Go to reliable sources. Check out YouTube and actually SEE him speak in interviews. See him talk about his beliefs and the way he views things. Just stop judging him. Please.




I have to say MILLIONS of dollars, but yes.


Not sure if this has been posted already but I really recommend it, the animation is beautiful!


Me after playing Michael Jackson the experience:



Flyest Nigga in the Universe 


The #StepUp greats are back! See #StepUpALLin Thursday night! 

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